#30DaysWild: Notice the Ordinary

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_08TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_09It has been a quiet couple of days. Yesterday was a fairly normal day at work, whilst Fridays are my Saturday (I work on Sundays) so this morning called for a relaxing breakfast followed by a session of writing and blog preparation for later in the month.

It has been a couple of days where nature has been found in the little everyday things. Last night as darkness closed in, there was no sunset to speak of, just a gradual greying and loss of contrast before  torrential rain showers drummed on the skylight.
This morning the sky had been washed clean and brightness returned, punctuated by the flicker of house martins and the chirp of sparrows. I popped to the corner shop in the late afternoon and noticed a single bright red poppy flowering in the gutter at the end of the road. When I got back there later to photograph it, the petals had already blown‬, but I still found some surprising plants; spurge, herb robert, hop trefoil, and a miniature row of wheat cultivated by the sun and rain.

A small dusting of wild in the most unlikely of places, nature under our noses.

Thats the trick with life. Notice the ordinary, find in it the extraordinary.


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