#30DaysWild: Magic trees and poppies in the breeze

#30DaysWild – June 26th-29th



Monday Magic – I met this tree at the edge of the woods. I had to look  sort of sideways at it because of the glare of the sun. It towers, twists, and keeps its secrets of who else has passed beneath its crooked limbs.


Tuesday Treasure – I found this feather on the path on my lunch-break walk. The cream bars, and the green hue on the narrower side suggests that it was dropped by a Green Woodpecker, which I had heard calling over the last few days. Now I just need an old jam-jar and to keep my eyes open when out and about, and I have the start of a new feather collection, just like the ‘treasure’ I would bring home as a child.



Watery Wednesday – Time and again I am lured back to the river bank. This spot is to the north of Stedham village, where the road dips from the church, to cross the River Rother via a narrow stone bridge. On this warm unhurried day, time seemed suspended and even the flow of the water seemed slow, allowing reflections to form on the smooth surface.

Thoughts for a Thursday – I stumbled across this small patch of poppies flowering in the meadow grasses in the corner of a maze field. The scarlet petals seemed so fragile, yet clung on in the buffeting breeze. Poppies are of course often used as a symbol of remembrance, particularly in reference of the two Great World Wars. As we reach the end of June, we approach the 101st anniversary of the Battle of the Somme, the bloodiest few days in history of conflict when tens of thousands of young men were killed. My G-Grandfather was there on that brutal first day, advancing over the trenches, and I took these surprise poppies as a reminder from him to be grateful for every day.


Friday 30th will be the last day of June and therefore the last day of #30DaysWild,  neither I nor my blog posts are going to stop – I hope you will keep returning to join me on my walks, days out and ramblings!
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