SFN Journal – Autumn Almanac: Hello October

September was a busy month and the weather seemed to take this to heart. Every day would be a mixed up muddled up combinations of sun and rain; if the morning started nice, it would be showers by the evening, and vice-versa. Any last vestiges of summer have been washed out by the rain.

This weekend I cut down the sunflowers on the allotment, taking the last two blooms home for a vase, and hanging the faded seed-heads along the fence-line of the plot as natural bird feeders. On the way home I collected a fistful of oak twigs topped with a spray of leaves that had blown down in the previous nights winds. The tawny hues of the leaves paired pleasingly with the shades of sunflowers.

Now October is here. (Hello October, I think you might be my favourite – but don’t tell September!) I am filled with longings for long walks, rich stews, and for feasting my senses on all the delights of autumn woods and hedgerows.

I am writing this short post before I go off to work for the day. At lunch time I will take a break from potting up plants, trimming shrubs and selling tulip bulbs, and go for a walk. Perhaps I will walk as far as the river, and see where the fallen leaves swirl on the water. Or I might wander through the woods that border the village and spot the fungi that pop up between the trees after September showers.

I hope you can get out today, or take the opportunity to pause when stuck in traffic or look out of the window and appreciate the blue skies overhead.
See you when I get home…


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