A Letter to You, Dear Reader

Hey folks!

First of all I just want to say thank you to all of you for reading, following, liking and commenting on my blog. This little corner of the internet where I divulge, ramble, ponder and hopefully offer interest and guidance, brings me a great amount of pleasure.

As we head into November I am nearing the end of my yearly plan, and am considering blog content for the next season and year. This is where you come in! I can happily sit here at my desk, and type a steady stream all day, pop in a few photos and hey presto! But that’s not the entire point of this blog. As much as it is a place for me to explore ideas, express some thoughts and share information, Sussex Field Notes would be pointless without its readers. So I’m asking a favour this fine morning – a little feedback if you can spare just a moment or two.

Is there a particular blog post over the past year or so you have especially enjoyed? How did you find SFN and what encouraged you to return or click the follow button? What would you like to see more of, (whether specific subject or just a style of post)?

Please leave a comment below, or you can also chat via social media: just look for @sxfieldnotes on Instagram or Twitter, or pop over to the Facebook page and find me there.

I look forward to reading all your thoughts and to plotting another year of blog posts for your enjoyment.

Thanks again, Sophie May

5 Replies to “A Letter to You, Dear Reader”

    1. Thank you Andrew, it’s interesting that the visual elements of the big such as videos are of particular interest. It is something I have considered doing more of although the time they take has been a limiting factor. I plan to do more blogs on my garden in the spring, and perhaps a ‘virtual tour’ of my new local area once I have explored a bit more myself.


  1. I agree with Andrew, continue with your outlook on the Sussex countryside and your garden. Whilst I only have a tiny garden I still like to read about other gardens. Perhaps make your posts a little shorter, and include a few more videos. Keep the good work up!


  2. Maybe generate interest via a thread that people can relate to. For instance a focus on walking the area allows exploration of the historical, geographical and environmental aspects on different walks that people may then wish to undertake….maybe with you? Personally I deliver ‘Learning Walks’ to strollers and school groups every week 11am to Noon every Monday on the specific aspect of water….where it is, where it goes, surface water and drainage issues etc.this leads to wildlife, and why they grow where they do and where humans are causing grief to nature by destroying natural water courses by not respecting rural fringes etc.

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