Festive Tidings


I’m having a little festive break to focus on what, for me at least, the month of December is all about: Home.

From gathering greenery, lighting candles, to filling the kitchen with the scent of cinnamon, sugar, and love – December is the month for family and laughter if you are lucky enough to have both. It is the month of turning in but also for sending out, for roots and connections.


In the meantime, many folk are sharing social media ‘advent calendars’, and I’d like to mention this one you might enjoy. My dear Mum, Shirley Frances, is posting a wonderful image each day of a hand drawn or painted British bird. Today’s offering is a winter visitor, the Redwing. Look out for these birds wherever there are berries or apples for them to feed on. 

To see the daily posts throughout the run up to Christmas, pop over to Shirley’s Studio Stuff on Facebook and click like/follow.

Have a peaceful and wonderful festive period. I’m sure I’ll be posting something between now and the New Year, with the inspiration of Winter Solstice and Yule to stir the heart!

Best wishes to you and yours. xx

2 Replies to “Festive Tidings”

  1. Dear Sophie May, wishing you a happy healthy and peaceful Christmas and New Year too. As I listen to music by Delius, I look forward to new posts from you in 2019.


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