Gardens Month Friday Feature: The Gardening Tourist

Time for my Gardens Month Friday Feature: The Gardening Tourist. Gardens are the prefect photographers canvas – with seasonal changes, colour, form and texture they are endlessly fascinating. In this series of blogs, each Friday through April I am going to share some of my favourite photos from special gardens I have visited in Sussex and beyond.

Today we start close to home, with West Dean Gardens.

West Dean Estate can be found on the South Downs north of Chichester, and the jewel in its crown is surely West Dean Gardens that lies alongside the West Dean Arts College, run by the Edward James Foundation.
The gardens include an arboretum, a sunken garden, and a rose-and-clematis-covered Edwardian pergola, but my favourite is the walled garden. Trained fruit trees and orchard trees, cut flower beds, rows of fruit and vegetables, and carefully restored glasshouses bursting with exotic plants and seedlings. Heaven between brick, flint and sky.

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