Gardens Month Friday Feature: The Gardening Tourist

To say we have a slight obsession with roses would perhaps be a fair suggestion; my other half and I have over 30 between our home garden and allotment plot. Summer Song, Poets Wife, Penny Lane, Desdemona, Ancient Mariner, Lady of Shallot… they delight us each summer with their poetic names, sublime scent, and perfectly hued petals, soft as silk. I have always had a magnetism to yellow blooms, and this extends to roses. One of the first yellow roses I bought is ‘Graham Thomas’, named for botanist Graham Stuart Thomas, best known for his work with English garden roses. Before his death in 2003, Graham Thomas was involved in or led, the restoration and stewardship of over 100 National Trust gardens. One of these gardens, is Mottisfont Abbey in Hampshire. Each summer thousands of visitors flock to Mottisfont, drawn partly by its beautiful house, extensive gardens and grounds and beautiful setting, but mostly by the exquisite walled rose garden. In June 2016 & 2017 I was one of them.

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