Just to say…

I am currently planning some new content and posts for this blog for the autumn, which I hope you will enjoy!

I’ll be chatting on all the usual subjects – wildlife gardening, seasonal nature, and allotment notes. Do let me know if theres any topics you’d like to see – local places or events you’d recommend a visit to, or any other comments are welcome too!

In the mean time if things go a little quiet here, did you know you can also find me on other online haunts?
Many of you may find your way to this blog when I publish new posts, via Twitter (@sxfieldnotes) or Facebook (facebook.com/sxfieldnotes), but I also share regular images and thoughts on Instagram. From snippets of everyday life, my attempts to connect with authenticity and slow living, to seasonal commentary, wildlife sightings, and images captured around my Sussex village home.

Why not come over and join the conversation (I can suggest a few other great feeds to follow whilst you are there too, if you get bored of my waffling!) You can find me on Instagram at ‘@sxfieldnotes’. See you there, Sophie x

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