Operation: Garden Wild

Operation: Wild Garden

Today I have taken the first steps in a new project, and it’s time I introduced it to you.

Come and have a look at these! Three brand new raised beds for my garden! I have just finished constructing these (with the assistance of my fiancé and a rechargeable screwdriver!)

I can’t wait to get started on creating something wonderful here. We have been living in our home here in this corner of West Sussex for over a year now, and although I have added some plants to the garden and developed it a little, I have been finding it a really tough battle.

The ground is far from ideal: full of rubble from the foundations of previous buildings, a steep slope, and very weedy with some thuggish characters such as brambles, bindweed and chicory. This is a rented property, so major landscaping work isn’t really feasible. These beds will give me just a little growing space; an opportunity to develop a place that brings me joy each morning when I step outside with a cup of tea, in a different way to the wilder parts of the garden (which I will continue to maintain, but allow to retain and express their rural character).

The three beds are just 120cm long, two are 60cm wide, the other is 50cm, and all are 38cm deep. I want to use this as a chance to demonstrate that no-matter your space, ability or experience, you can have a garden, a growing green space, which works not only for you, but also for wildlife as well. I passionately believe that whatever size of outside space you have access to, or whether you have the muddiest of green fingers or couldn’t tell an oak tree from a buttercup, it is possible to build a connection with nature right outside your back door, and gain from all the benefits (mental, physical, environmental) that brings.

Over the coming year, I will fill, plant up, and develop these beds into a (hopefully) space that not only makes me happy with colour or structure year-round, but also provides for the wildlife that I share my garden with. It is vital to me, that my garden is just as beneficial to the wild birds, pollinators and other creatures, as it is enjoyable for myself. During the course of the project I hope to share with you some insight into the decisions I make, plants I choose and, later in the year, the wildlife that is attracted here. I am not a trained horticulturist, but I do have a passion for gardening, and wildlife gardens in particular, and I hope you will be able to take some of the lessons I learn along the way on this project, and apply it to your own green space.

So let’s get started!

First of all I need to make a decision about whether I want to paint or treat the timber, and then about whether/how to include any irrigation system. Next will be to fill the beds with soil and compost, and then plan the planting.

I’ll be back soon to let you know how I’m getting on…

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  1. I agree about leaving the wood natural, but you could use dutch oil if you really want to treat it, as it’s less likely to stick unwanted chemicals into the soil. I’m trying to guide our garden to as wild a state as possible, which has to be balanced against my wife’s wish to see a bit of order. Compromise!


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