Approaching Midsummer – one notebook page away from my favourite time of year.

I was expecting this year to be a momentous one, but never anticipated it would be for the reasons it turned out to be!

As we approach midsummer, I’m glad for the opportunity to pause and take a breather, to reach the end of the headlong race that is spring, this year more than most.

4 months time will (all fingers crossed) be my wedding day! We hadn’t factored a global pandemic into our plans, but are hoping and praying that all will be well by October.

As a balm to my worries, the allotment has become a sanctuary and a much needed distraction. Outings of course continue to be limited, with walks taking in only the local fields and hills, rather than any distant nature watching trips or historical adventures. (I’ve continued going to work throughout the lock down). Suddenly it’s June. Spring shot out of the starting blocks this year and hurtled through the first half of the year with a grasping, gasping, intensity.

I sat down this weekend to plan the content for this blog for the next few months, and found myself at a bit of a loss. This time last year I was preparing to go to the Wealden Literary Festival, brimming with ideas and enthusiasm. It seems a lifetime ago and I don’t want to miss another moment of this summer. Thinking ahead, it struck me how important the coming weeks were on a personal level. Rather than blog notes, I began to jot down thoughts about how I want to spend this summer and autumn.

Midsummer; longest day and shortest night. It’s always been a turning point in cultures and calendars throughout the ages. This is when the sun switches from lengthening days to lengthening nights. The earth has reached her peak growth and now it’s time to bloom. Summer solstice to winter solstice is my best-loved time of year, with the autumn equinox a midpoint highlight; I’ve often said my favourite colour is ‘October’.

June; a maiden still, flitting on butterfly wings across the heath. July hangs slumbering by the waterway. August ripens golden, golden glows. September’s wood-seams are richly steeped in inky bramble juice. October flames against the dying light. November gets sharpened by the first frosts cold breath. December we turn in and gather, lighting our own lights in solidarity with the sun.

I have decided to put my blog ‘on furlough’, log out of Twitter and switch off Facebook. Take a break from screen time. I’m going to gather handfuls of fresh podded peas, and dig the early potatoes. I’ll count magpies. Write down recipes teased from my mum. I’m going to sit in the garden after work, enjoying a drink in the evening sun. I’m going to marry my best friend.

My notebook is in my pocket and I’m going to write just as much as I can. Everyday if possible. I just, for a little while, won’t be sharing it here. (Although I’ll probably still use Instagram @sxfieldnotes)

So this summer, stay safe, stay loved, keep learning, looking and listening. Blessed be. Sophie May xXx

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