Search Pinterest with the word ‘October’ and it wont be long at all before you come across the quote, attributed to Canadian author Lucy Maud Montgomery’s character Anne of Green Gables: “I am so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.“.
And Anne my dear, I couldn’t agree more!
Autumn is certainly my favourite season, especially the bright, crisp, colourful ones, scented with wood smoke and mushrooms and warm soups!
This October is going to be personally memorable, as it is the month of our wedding! As the flaming leaves gather in the gutters I will skip down the streets to join my husband-to-be outside Brighton Town Hall, ready to say our ‘I Do’s in the presence of registrar and witnesses. Dear weather gods, please send us glorious golden light, chilly mornings, and cosy evenings for our honeymoon week swaddled in Somerset’s beautiful Exmoor!

Notable dates in October

1st – Full moon ‘Harvest Moon’
1st – National Poetry Day
3rd & 4th/18th-19th – Full moon triggers highest ‘Spring’ tides
21st – Apple Day
25th – Clocks go back; end of British Summer Time
31st – Halloween/All Hallows Eve
31st – A ‘blue moon’, the second full moon of the month; ‘Hunters/Blood Moon’

I’m thinking I will probably start my festive shopping this month – yes I know I know! It is far too soon to mention the ‘C’ word… so I wont! But it is great to be prepared don’t you think?
I long to drift in and out of second hand bookshops, savouring that ‘old book smell’ and finding the perfect gift for those special people – to browse a farmer’s market, indulge in a pot of tea in a cafe to restore us when shopping gets too much – visit the pumpkin display, fairs, and autumn countryside shows… …
Social distancing wont stop walks in the woods however, where the sky is appearing through the thinning canopy, jays argue over acorns, and dappled fallow deer prepare for rutting season. I’ll wear my vintage coat, which I found on Etsy in the summer and has been waiting in the wardrobe for cooler weather; the one with the bear shaped toggles and pine tree motifs, which put me in mind of our Canadian holidays.

Whilst I walk I’ll keep watch and wait. Wait for the autumn migrants to arrive on the shores of the woods. Redwings and fieldfares, a swelling in numbers of blackbirds and robins, and perhaps the passing-through wheatears that might land out on the open sheep-down. Fallen conkers will remind me of our first days in this home, as they do each October since.

October to-do list

  • Look for fungi in the woods
  • Cook with in-season apples
  • Final wedding dress fitting!
  • Research slow cooker recipes and plan autumnal dinners
  • Rake up and gather leaves for leaf mould compost
  • Light candles for cosiness, and check woollen blankets for clothes-moth damage
  • Stock up on logs

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