Beyond the Blogs

My passion for the natural world, and for sharing my love of it with others, has led me to pursue my interest in writing with a view to publication.

Outside of my personal blog and social media platforms I have contributed to other publications both online and in print. These include Sussex Wildlife Trust, Sussex Ornithological Society and New Nature.

New Nature magazine is a youth led movement providing writing, editing and publishing opportunities connected to the environment and natural world, for people aged under 30. The magazine is entirely produced by young people on a voluntary basis and is available in digital format in monthly editions. Please visit for further information.

Aside from writing work, I have had two photographs used in books. “Redbreast: The Robin in Life and Literature” by Dr Andrew Lack (frontispiece) and “The Natural History of the South Downs” by Robin Crane and Rendel Williams (page 29, credited Sophie May Lewes)

I also create occasional audio and film pieces based on my writing work, see “SFN on Air” page for more details.

I am particularly eager to expand my writing portfolio, whether through one off pieces or a regular column, in traditional print or digital media. Please contact me if you have any suggestions.

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